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Commercial Inspections


Concerned if there is enough power for your equipment?  Effective age or condition of structure and key components?  We can help!  A commercial inspection is much more detailed than a typical residential process and includes many more concerns for the Investor.  We can help save you valuable time and money in just 1 or 2 days of close investigation.


Our Commercial Inspection fees are quoted on an individual basis.  All Commercial buildings are different and have unique characteristics to inspect.  Pricing is roughly estimated on a base of $695 plus .02¢ per square foot. However, discounts and/or additional charges may be included that affect final pricing. 


Factors that may be considered in final pricing include but are not limited to:

  • Vacancy / Access

  • Special Equipment

  • Number of Fire Zones

  • Number of HVAC Systems

  • Location, Size and Layout of Site

  • Additional facilities

  • Need or use of specialized equipment


Please call email or call (804) 854-3055 today for a free no obligation quote.


we are only a phone call away

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