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Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)



We will review your home's heating system, noting their condition and age. In addition, the inspection will note whether the system's distribution and controls are functioning. As part of the inspection, we will review whether heating and cooling systems show signs of overheating, will check for potential maintenance issues with the heating system and will give guidance on the care and maintenance of the unit, depending on the type of system in the home you purchase.

System Type/Info

Your APPLEGATE inspection will review your home's heating system, making sure that its master switches are operable, that the system is located in a safe area of the house, and noting its current condition. The system's energy source (gas, oil, hot water, electricity) and method used to conduct heat throughout the home will also be identified, and also whether the system has proper ventilation and venting. The system will be checked for proper operation and a functional test will be performed. For homes that formerly used oil heat, we can help to determine if the tank was decommissioned, as you may be liable for an expensive removal or clean-up procedure if leaks occur.


In all visibly accessible areas, vents and/or flues will be examined for proper pitch and any visible damage to the system.



Heat is checked in all living areas of the home where ducts and/or returns are present.



The condition of any filters within the heating system will be checked. A dirty or old filter may affect overall performance and cause premature wear on a heating system. The system will also be checked for any service records/notes and recommend professional services and evaluation if needed. Lack of regular maintenance on a heating system may cause undue wear and unreliable function of the system.

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