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Interior Inspection



Our inspection will involve spending a considerable amount of time reviewing your home's interior, including an examination of the heating system, air ducts, whether windows open or not for air flow, insulation, electrical components, and floor structure. We will also review the condition of all walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors of all rooms, as well as any steps, stairways, balconies and fireplaces within the home. Interior electrical outlets and fixtures, plumbing fixtures, and heating and cooling registers will also be checked.

Interior Material/Condition

After we have reviewed a home's outside, it's time for an interior examination of how the home's structure appears from the inside. Are ceilings bowed? Are floors springy, or solid? In the basement, are support posts loose or showing signs of sub-structural damage? We will review the home's ventilation and insulation where visible. The type of insulation, its current condition, and appropriate thickness will be examined. Our inspection will examine whether the windows are functioning properly. We will also note if the stairs have loose handrails or steps, and whether there are signs of cracked or repaired plaster in ceilings and walls. If a basement or portion of the home is unfinished, we will review its structure and habitability.


Our inspection will determine if your basement and/or crawlspace were built according to industry standards. If they are not, then we will make recommendations for needed repairs and improvements. Most basements and crawlspaces are susceptible to moisture issues and water penetration. The type and degree of moisture-related trouble varies, but even if water doesn't damage your home's structure it could create an environment favored by wood-destroying organisms that will.


We will examine the interior condition of the kitchen, windows and entry doors, as well as any built-in appliances and will also check the current condition of kitchen cabinets and countertops, signs of leakage under the sink or refrigerator, if applicable.


Our inspection will examine the interior condition of the laundry area/room, closet doors, windows and entry doors and will also determine whether there are appropriate hookups for a washer and dryer, whether there is an overflow drain installed, and if the area has appropriate ventilation.


We will examine the interior of the bathroom(s), and will also check signs of moisture issues and the condition of components. For example, in bathrooms, are tiles loose – or is the toilet loose from its base, a sign that it needs to be resealed and may have leaked to the floor beneath?


The inspection will examine the interior condition of the attic area, any windows and entry doors. The active or passive ventilation system will be examined for proper function. The presence or absence of insulation will be noted, and if present, approximate thickness will be evaluated. The roof will also be checked for any signs of moisture penetration or past/present leaks via an underside evaluation. The condition of the framing of the roof will also be reviewed from the interior for proper function and any deficiencies in the accessible areas.


The condition of any fireplaces, dampers, fire boxes and hearths that are readily visible will be examined by your APPLEGATE home inspection. The inspection will also determine if visible, any need for service, cleaning and/or repair of the fireplace and its components.

Evidence of Remodeling

We will also examine the interior of the home to see if there is any evidence of remodeling or repair.

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