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Inspection Pricing


Our Single Family Inspection pricing is based on several factors including; structure type, features, square footage above grade, foundation type, number of stories and age.   Ancillary, environmental and significant additional structures to be inspected,  will incur additional fees.  Use caution when price shopping and make sure you are not taken in by low "base" prices that competitors sometimes use.  Several factors go into pricing our services, so feel free to request a free quote anytime.   


There is never a charge for questions - we are here to serve you!


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Multi- Family Pricing:

  • Duplexes,

  • Tri's & Quads

  • Apatment Buildings

  • Motels

  • Mold

  • Radon

  • Air Quality

  • Water

  • Thermograpy

  • Pest/Termite  Inspection

  • Energy Audit

  • Pool / Spa

  • Barns

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*   Pricing based on a 24 year old, Ranch style home, frame construction, 1700 sq. ft; with a crawl space, garage, shed and within 20 miles of our offices.  Larger and\or older homes will differ . 

** $25 dollar "Green" discount offered on all inspections that are emailed only, this saves our company printing out all 40-50 pages and saves you money.  DVD's (or other digital media) are available for $19.95 ; Hard copies bound in 2 ring binders are available for $35 each.

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​no charge for questions!
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