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Exterior Inspections


The APPLEGATE home inspection will involve a considerable amount of time reviewing a home's exterior in order to get a sense of the home's overall structural health. A home's foundation will be reviewed from the outside, as well as sidewalks, steps, decks, entryways, and windows. In addition, we will review the home's exterior surfaces, which can be made from many materials including brick, vinyl siding, stone, asbestos or wood shingles, for cracks, blistering, chipping or evidence of moisture intrusion.

Vegetation Clearance from Structure

The yard's condition and landscaping will be examined in terms of its ability to foster proper drainage and whether trees and shrubs are far enough from the house. Keeping plant material an adequate distance away from the structure is important for both pest and moisture control.


Earth – Wood Clearance

We will examine the soil around the perimeter of the structure, to examine whether adequate clearance is between the ground (soil) and the wood elements of a structure – approximately 6" – 12". At times, excess soil from garden beds, retaining walls, etc. is piled against the foundation of a house and makes contact with the structure's exterior wood elements, potentially leading to moisture intrusion and structural damage.


Exterior Material

The home's siding materials will be evaluated, examining them for cracks, blistering, chipping, whether they have come loose in places and whether they may have created an environment where moisture intrusion is possible. If the home is made of brick, we will look for worn coloring, loose bricks or missing mortar, or for partially-cracked bricks. Wood siding may be prone to insect damage, moisture intrusion, or dryness from sun exposure. Aluminum and vinyl siding may become loose or fall off in small pieces, or reveal a worn surface. Stucco may show stains, cracks and swelling. Asbestos cement siding found on older homes may show cracking and, because most homes featuring this siding were built long ago, this siding may also loosen from the layers of material beneath it.


Painted Surfaces/Caulking

Depending on a home's age and building materials, we will look for different symptoms of age and will be able to identify what may need repairs or repainting, caulking or spot work versus larger issues that may affect the home's entire exterior.


Fascia Boards/Trim

The condition of a home's fascia boards and trim will be examined for different types of wear. Gutters and downspouts will also be checked for any holes, gaps, rust, clogging or other symptoms of leaks.



We will check a home's doors and windows for proper installation and for any broken or damaged components. Doors and windows will also be checked for proper grade as exterior components, and if properly weather sealed.



Adequate exterior lighting around a home's entryways provides extra visibility. Your APPLEGATE inspection will verify the condition of these components and whether they are functioning properly.



Not only will we study the foundation from the outside, examining unevenness, cracks, and holes, but we will also check a home's sidewalks, steps and entryways. The condition of any associated patios, decking and porches are also examined, including surface coverings, functional and safety issues. Driveways and sidewalks will also be examined for holes or cracks that indicate wear and tear or tripping hazards.



Your APPLEGATE inspection will check for proper installation and operation of garage door openers and safety switches, if applicable. A garage and/or carport's foundation or concrete slab will also be examined for any visible signs of unevenness or cracks. The roof and exterior siding will be checked for type of material used and current condition. The roof, walls and foundation will also be checked for any evidence of moisture penetration or structural damage issues in the area. 

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